Geocaching Day Report!

Post date: Jan 21, 2009 11:56:32 AM

What a day! On January 17th, YoGO held our first big geocaching day! We held 4 events and had around 70 people show up! All of the events were held at Manchester Meadows. Thank you to Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism for the awesome facility!

The first event was "Geocaching 101: Welcome to the Obsession!" (GC1JX7N) which started at 10am. Kim (pinkie13) gave an introduction to geocaching presentation to about 52 people. She covered topics ranging from the history of geocaching to types of caches and containers to travelbugs/geocoins. This was a great introduction for new cachers and good information for experienced cachers.At 12:15pm, YoGO teamed up with the Upstate South Carolina Geocaching Association (USCGA)  to present "USCGA & YoGO "Polar Bear" Meat & Meet" (GC1KD2F), an informal luncheon during which cachers could mingle and get to know each other. Thank you to Mike (MSWahoo) for cooking all the hotdogs and hamburgers. Also, thank you to all those that contributed other items (baked beans, potato salad, desserts, chips, drinks or monetary donations). We had plenty of food for everyone! This event had about 58 people attending.Before the next event began, Mike (MSWahoo) and Paula (Parrolet) presented Miki (jon & miki) with a plaque in recognition of all the hard work she and Jon (who is no longer with us) put forth to promote geocaching within the state of South Carolina. At one time, the state didn't want anything to do with geocaching. Jon and Miki worked hard to change that. Due to their efforts, geocaching has thrived in South Carolina. Thank you Jon and Miki!At 1:30pm, Mike (MSWahoo) began the next event, "Geocaching 201: FEED THE OBSESSION" (GC1JX80). Mike discussed more advanced geocaching topics such as pocket queries, GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife), and going paperless by caching with a cell phone. This event had around 49 attendees.The final event began a 3pm just outside on the playground. This event was "FLASH MOB: HAPPY B_DAY TO CLAIREBEAR05" (GC1KEH1). Clara turned 4years old two days before the other events. She has been caching with her daddy many times so what better way to celebrate than a flash mob to sing Happy Birthday to her!

Along with the event, YoGO members placed 5 new caches just for this event. The caches are "Manchester Privet Patch" (GC1KTA6), "Rock Hill Rocks II" (GC1KR06), "A Walk To Remember" (GC1KQVF), "Manchester Fountain View" (GC1KTAT), and "Over The River and Through The Woods" (GC1KR5R).

These events brought several brand new cachers with no caches finds prior to the event to cachers with over 3000 finds. It also saw people from all over the Carolinas. Cachers came all the way from Durham, NC, which is over 150 miles away! There were also members from other geocaching groups including USCGA, North Carolina Geocaching Organization, (NCGO), Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club (GCGC), and the Midlands Geocaching .

Thank you to all who made this a very successful day!

If any other group had members show up, please feel free to contact us at