York County and Rock Hill get world-wide recognition for geocaching

Post date: Dec 01, 2008 9:7:41 PM

Geohiker55 sent in an email to the Podcacher podcast about his 1000th find and they talked about it on the show! They mentioned the cache "Welcome to York County (GC1HMPW)" and how York County/Rock Hill have been very friendly to cachers. This podcast is heard by cachers all over the world!!

If you are familiar with podcasts, get Podcacher podcast "Show 192.0: Flash the Planet". The part mentioning York County and Rock Hill starts at 47m15s into the show.

For those not familiar with this podcast, or podcasts in general, podcasts are audio or video shows available for download through iTunes. They were initially targeted at those who used Apple iPods. However, you can now get most podcasts for any media player or even just to play on your computer. The Podcacher podcast is a weekly audio show that usually runs 30 minutes to an hour and talks about geocaching. The hosts, Sonny and Sandy, talk about their adventures while geocaching, geocaching news, and other things of interests to cachers. They also recognize geocachers who send in milestones such as 100th find, 1000th find, etc. If you like talk radio, check out the Podcacher podcast.

Thanks to Geohiker55 for promoting Rock Hill and York County!