Profile: C&S 143

Post date: Nov 18, 2008 5:0:22 PM

Name: Craig and Susan name: C&S 143

Started caching in: December 2007

How you got started caching: Susan had heard of geocaching from a coworker (cheryltaylor60) and thought is sounded interesting. I had heard of geocaching but never pursued it since I knew it was a GPS thing and I didn't have one. Then I got one for Christmas 2007. It was a Garmin Nuvi so was made for navigation in a vehicle. I was checking out the things that could be done with the GPS and saw geocaching listed. I looked into it more and it sounded like fun! I talked to Susan and she was interested to. We found several that first day. Within a week or two, I purchased a handheld GPS unit that is much better for geocaching. Susan and I have been hooked ever since!

Interesting caches you have found: On a weekend trip to Charleston, SC, we cached along the way. One of the caches we found was GCDEB8 Azalea Park Cache in Summerville, SC. It was in a beautiful park with fish ponds and incredible gardens. The trees made it difficult to get a clear signal and then we walked right over the cache several times before we found it. But the location was beautiful!

Another one I really liked was GC1559Y Avon Amphibious Cache. This is in the town of Avon, NC. Actually, it is on a small island just off of Avon which is on a bigger island called Hatteras Island. We were staying in a rental cottage right on the Sound. Susan and I paddled a tandem kayak from our cottage to get this cache. It was our first paddle cache.

Hobbies outside of geocaching: Craig is into computers so is always playing and browsing. Susan likes cake decorating. We both enjoy going to the beach, visiting lighthouses and paddling in my kayaks.