Post date: Aug 28, 2009 1:6:54 AM

In bill H3794 signed by the governor on June 2, 2009, the South Carolina General Assembly prohibited geocaching on all wildlife management areas, heritage preserves, and all other lands owned by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The bill changed Section 50 11 2200 (C) and an excerpt is provided below.  While the new language has not yet been added to the state's web site, it is the current law.

The door is open to the possibility of some future exceptions, and demonstrating adherence to the current regulation can smooth that path. 

I am requesting anyone who has a cache in one of these areas to remove and archive it promptly.  Since this message will not reach everyone, I am also asking anyone who becomes aware of caches in WMAs or Heritage Preserves to let me know confidentially so I may contact the cache owner. 

There will be the question of why this was done.  I don't know specifically, but I have heard from someone at SC DNR that members of their staff have found geocaches placed in sensitive areas on at least three Heritage Preserves.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Brad / gpsfun

Groundspeak volunteer reviewer for South Carolina

If you do not know how to contact the SC Reviewer and you know of a SC violation in DNR location you can email YoGO at Thanks.